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About Us

inkpotart was founded in October 2012 as an exclusive showcase for the imaginative and colourful creations of the artist John Conroy. The website has been designed, initially, as a virtual gallery rather than a 'shop front' although pieces may be purchased directly either from the gallery or by telephone (see contacts).


About the Artist

John Conroy is an artist with a lifelong passion for what he often refers to as "The boundless capacity of the creative line." His work is a marriage of powerful penmanship and vibrant colour, applied imaginatively to subjects both ancient and modern.

Brought up in New Zealand by English parents, John developed an early fascination for the deeply symbolic nature of both the carvings of the native Maori and the intricate Anglo Saxon art of the British Isles. His unique style is a sometimes subtle, sometimes chaotic blend of traditional symbolism and contemporary expression, often inspired by his love of literature and, in particular, poetry.

"Like poetry" He says... "I believe that true art exudes a natural rhythym, a fluidity that forms a subconscious connection between the creator and the viewer and I always allow this idea to drive my work."


About the Art

All of the art on this website are original pieces (although giclee, fine art prints are now available from his Cirencester gallery) and whilst john, like most other artists, continually develops themes and revisits favoured subjects, no two pictures are ever the same.


He works predominently in watercolour and inks of the finest quality on a variety of papers selected for their compatability with these specialist materials.


To an extent, both the subject matter and the medium dictate the size of each finished piece and therefore John works in sizes from 4x4" panels up to around 16x22" panels. He is also keen to keep the price of originals realistic and as many of his pieces are highly intricate, they can take a considerable amount of time to produce.